A Safety Statement is your programme, in writing, to safeguard the Safety Health & Welfare of your employees while in their place of work. It represents your commitment to their Safety Health & Welfare, and should state how you will guarantee their Health and Safety while at work and what resources you feel are necessary to maintain and review standards and Health and Safety laws. It is a legal requirement under Safety Health and Welfare Legislation.

Legal Responsibilities for Small to Medium Size Companies

  • Protect your employees
  • Identify your hazards and assess the risk of accident
  • Identify those employees who are at risk
  • Decide whether you have adequate Health and Safety measures in place or whether you need to do more
  • Compare your list of Health and Safety measures to what is in the HSA Code of Practice, guidance or other appropriate standards
  • Write this information down in the Safety Statement
  • Programme in when improvements have to be made
  • Make the necessary improvements and up date the Risk Assessment at least annually.

Guidelines on Preparing a Safety Statement

  • Prepare your Health and Safety Policy
  • Identify your hazards
  • Carry out a Risk Assessment, who might be harmed and how
  • Decide on precautions needed
  • Record your findings in writing and names of persons responsible
  • Review your programme and update at least annually, or if your work systems or practices change

Site Safety Visits

A contractor must appoint a Safety Officer in writing if he or she employs more than 20 persons on a single site or where more than 30 persons are employed in on multiple sites. This is not always practical for a small contractor. So through our Site Safety Visit System we can cover a number of sites for different contractors.

Construction Site Safety Visit System

  • General site work, PPE
  • Welfare Facilities, Storage areas
  • Safety management procedures, Plant & equipment
  • Site Safety controls, Working at heights
  • Traffic management (pedestrians & vehicular movement)