Are our Canvas apps a fit for Large Organizations?

Are our Canvas apps a fit for Large Organizations?

You may be a large business or organization, with 1000 or more employees, and are wondering if our Canvas apps can support your needs. The answer is a resounding “YES!”. The Apps platform not only provides a powerful application builder that lets you easily customize applications for your tablets and Smartphone’s, but also has the industrial-strength underpinnings needed to support large numbers of users, high volumes of transactions, bi-directional integrations to company systems, and corporate-grade security.

Here are some of the components that you will be happy to see are a part of the SafetyLinkApps Canvas platform today:

User Management

The website provides the ability to create and manage user groups, and assign applications to those groups. You can also bulk upload user data to easily create large numbers of user accounts. There are also various roles you can assign to users to control what they are allowed to see and do in the system.

High Volumes of Transactions

Canvas was architected from the ground up to support fast transactional performance along with high volumes and high availability. The architecture uses a scalable multi-tiered architecture (Client Tier, Load Balancing Tier, Web Tier, and Data Tier), all sitting on top of enterprise-class data storage and backup. Serious stuff! And implemented so that you see great, consistent performance and your data is safe.

Bi-Directional Integrations to Your Corporate Systems

So you have your data captured from the mobile device into your Canvas web account. Now you want to get it where it needs to go, and fast. Canvas provides secure Web Services APIs that make it straight forward to pull your data into your systems, and to push data from your systems into your Canvas applications. The good news is that this type of integration is much easier than you might expect. Often time’s integrations are completed in a handful of hours or a day or two. Canvas utilizes the REST style of web services, supports XML and CSV, and utilizes the same SSL/HTTPS encryption and password-controlled security as the rest of the system. The APIs access seven components: Forms, Form Versions, Submissions, Reference Data, Images, CSV-formatted data (versus XML), and Dispatch. With this toolset you can very quickly and cost-effectively achieve near real-time integration of custom mobile apps into your corporate back-end systems. And if your IT staffs don’t have the time to do the integration work, we have an expanding network of expert integration partners that are happy to get it done for you.

Corporate Grade Security

User accounts are of course password protected, and SSL encryption with HTTPS (like the banks use) ensures your data is accessed and transmitted securely. This is true for access through the website and well as from the mobile device. Additionally, compliance to standards like HIIPAA are supported through features such as auto log-off of clients, disabling saving of passwords, and forced re-authentication of clients after a set time period has passed. If you have specific security requirements, give us a call — chance are we have you covered.

The information I have outlined here really just touches the surface of “Canvas for the Enterprise.” If you would like to learn more, please email me at   We are here to help you go mobile with your business with speed and efficiency you never thought possible!

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