New Combined Accident/Incident Investigation Report Forms App




New Regulations with regards to the reporting of workplace accidents will come into effect on the 01st November 2016

The New Regulations are intended to assist employers in complying with their statutory duty to report to the Health and Safety Authority on workplace accidents and dangerous occurrences.

Employers – including the self-employed and farmers – are legally required to notify the Health and Safety Authority when there is an accident at work resulting in an injury that prevents them working for 4 plus days.

Every year workplace Accidents/Incidents costs many businesses’ millions of euros. Some case studies show that the average accidents costs were approximately €52,000. The Employer costs from an accident can include salary costs for staff replacement and overtime payments, losses of productivity and production, staff retraining costs, personal injury claim compensation, repair bills, medical & travel expenses and additional supervision. Salary costs were the largest cost category, being nearly half (45%) of total losses.

You will only ever get one chance to fill out one of these forms correctly, so using them in the form of an app minimises any possible mistakes. Combined into one app makes these forms both powerful and invaluable to any person in charge of recording and reporting any workplace Accident/Incident.

In my experience these five forms are the most used and the most important forms any company or business will ever use. I have developed these over many years of my experience within the safety industry.

This mobile app contains multiple forms for reporting accidents, general incidents, employee injuries, first aid, medical situations and vehicle accidents. Can be used by safety officers, safety advisors/consultants or any person in charge of reporting workplace incidents/accidents. Ideal for use within construction, manufacturing, transport, utilities and the oil industry etc.