Value For Money

Organisations that are strongly committed to the highest standard of health & safety risk assessment in accordance with relevant legislation are always likely to welcome the most cost-effective means of meeting these obligations. It is to that end that Safety-Link Consulting ( offers an extensive range of mobile safety apps, covering everything from generic health and safety to construction safety inspection reports and accident report forms.

However, what potential and even current users of these mobile apps may not be fully aware of is the extent to which they can save money over the use of paper for the same tasks. Paper, after all, involves both time spent on administration and money on the paper itself, which needs to occur time and time again. Using asafety app from Safety-Link Consulting for any of a wide range of health and safety applications is simply a more efficient method all-round, and those clients that are still sceptical are welcome to use the Safety Link Apps ROI Tool to see just how much money could be saved.

To give an example, a particular company could have five mobile workers using apps. Each of its mobile workers may presently fill out two paper forms a day. The company may also presently manually enter data into back-end systems, a process that would be automated by apps. It may cost the firm €15 per hour to enter paper or manually entered data into their back office, with four hours a week spent entering paperwork into the back office or accessing paper based forms. Each of that company’s mobile workers may spend 15 minutes each week looking up information in parts catalogs, patient files, price books, tax lists and delivery schedules, while being paid €25 per hour.

The Safety Link Apps ROI Tool revealed that this company could save €1,170 a year, just on paper. Total savings, including productivity savings from pushing canvas data into the back office, were €3,656.25, equating to €4,826.25 of possible total savings. The approximate €1,050 cost of the Safety-Link app in the year meant that total net savings for the year were €3,776.25. These savings shouldn’t be so surprising when it is considered, for example, that a Safety Link safety app for iPhone is often priced below what a company spends on buying paper forms, and that doesn’t even consider the significant adverse impact that office paper has on the environment.

It is simply faster, easier and more cost-effective to access data via a safety app than paper, as it is projected that opting for an app could save the client 33% of their time in looking up outdated information that would normally have been in paper based customer lists, price lists and product catalogs. Inevitably, such figures have only further helped to fire the popularity of Safety-Link Consulting’s ( extensive range of safety apps for ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation