SafetyLinkApps for Less Than the Price of a Stamp

SafetyLinkApps for Less Than the Price of a Stamp

Health and Safety is a challenging enough environment to work in at the best of times.

Can I start by saying in general safety doesn’t get its share of priority until some accident occurs in the work place. I am aware that the allocation of revenue towards health and safety compliance can be a difficult choice for management and companies in times like these.
Simply keeping the shop doors open in an ever changing economy seems to be an accomplishment these days. I know that safety is seen as a department that spends money without generating any, but we do not want to realise the importance after the accident, when we lose the live of an employee and the business is subsequently hauled to courts and be fined heavily or getting jailed.

These apps have not only been designed for companies/originations to help them comply with current health and safety legislation but they have a dual propose and can be used by the professional health and safety consultant or safety officer they can also be used by anyone like large facilities managers, transport companies, warehouse operators, emergency services, utilities companies, clubs, schools, community development organizations and small to medium sized sme’s etc.

They pretty much pay for themselves as there is no need to print or post, each report or form after completion on your smart phone tablet or pc in automatically converted into a pdf so you just email to whoever requires the report or just file away on your own pc e.g. if you use the pay as you go option in your account then you can create a report for as little €0.35 cent less than the price of a stamp, not forgetting the negative environmental impact of using digital paperwork will have saved on our environment.

In terms of time saved you can complete the report on site or whatever location you are working in and send it straight away and that’s the end of it. I personally have saved myself up to two hours extra work a day since I started using the apps.

In the end using Safety-Link Health & CANVAS apps gives you a very professional report that you can file away for further reference the report can even capture your GPS location and add photos to the report straight to the app.

I like the saying “If you think that safety is costly try having an accident or worst still having an unavoidable accident”

We do what we can to be safe, but unfortunately cannot control everyone else’s action. By using these safety apps you will have taken the first step.